Sofia2 new release 2.11.0 is now available. This release has also been deployed in the experimentation platform Sofia2 In-Cloud.

This new version adds the following features to the platform:

· API Manager Sofia2 V2

This new version offers, in addition to publishing the Sofia2 Ontologies as REST APIs, the ability to publish External APIs. The API Manager will act as a proxy to other services, allowing external REST services to publish in a consistent manner.

Such APIs may have an associated authentication (to invoke the service) that can be configured on the console:

The Path, Query and Header Params can be included when defining the External API Operations.

On the other hand in this new version of the API Manager, APIs can be public (all platform users can subscribe to them) or restricted to a limited group of users (eg APIs for communication between systems)

Also There are changes in the API`s GUI definition, allowing for example ontologies APIS to publish one or more operations:

· Wizard for defining rules easily:

To make rule creation easier (CEP events and rules and Scripting rules) a new step by step wizard has been created that will guide the user neatly on creating rules without having to navigate through Sofia2 UI.

First choose the type of rule:

After selecting the type of rule the wizard guides us, for example:

Generate rule CEP: Allows to create CEP events and then CEP rules from them.

Generate scripting rule based on one (or several) CEP rules from a CEP rule, allows to create a script rule that will launch whenever an output CEP event is generated:

The generated Rules are available in the corresponding menu option:

· My APIs Acess Management using Sofia2 API Manager

Until now, when an API was created in the API Manager, this was public and any user of the platform could subscribe it.

An additional control to define if an API is public (anyone can subscribe) or private has been incorporated.

In non public APIS the owner will be responsible for authorizing which users can subscribe to the API. For this there is a new interface in the menu:

On this option, the users that can access APIs are defined:

· GIS Asset Viewer:

This new utility integrates a map view of the georeferenced existing Assets of the platform:

Allows to select Asset Types to visualize ,and displays the information associated with each Asset:

Each user will view the Assets depending on roles and ownership.

· Asset query via SSAP Protocol

Until now Assets were available through Sofia2 Console and its Configuration REST API.

This new version adds the ability to query Assets and Asset type information using SSAP Query messages (BDC Type):




"query":"{select * from Asset}",









This information is returned in JSON format:

These queries can also be executed from the Web Console:

This functionality allows Sofia2 APPS (KPs) to consult Assets (and Asset Types) involved in their ontologies for composing information, visually representation … using the same API SSAP.

· JMS API available from rules

The Sofia2 operation API offers now the ability to send messages (JSON or XML) to Queues or Topics through a JMS Broker from four simple operations availables on the platform and accessible from the console of scrip creation.

(*)Sofia2 InCloud has an ActiveMQ accessible upon request.

· Web Console menu to make it more usable

To accommodate the new features to the platform’s menu, a restructuration has been considered necessary in order to make access more intuitive.

· Assets Privacy Management:

From now on, the user creating the Assets (Administrator or Collaborator) can define them as public or private. An Asset declared public will be able to be queried by other Collaborator users, whereas a private Asset will only be able to queried by his/her owner or an Administrator.

Asset Management is always performed by his/her owner or an Administrator.

· Custom Dashboards Preview:

In a future version, the ability to create gadgets (Sofia2 Visualization APPS) and customized Dashboards with those gadgets will be included in the Console.

In this preview it is possible to create gadgets of type ‘External HTML’.

· Software versions update in Sofia2 InCloud: our cloud environment has been updated with the latest software versions (e.g., MongoDB 2.6).

· Several bug fixings and improvements in performance and stability


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