Sofia2 new release 2.12.0 is now available. This release has also been deployed in the experimentation platform Sofia2 In-Cloud.

This new version adds the following features to the platform:

· Dashboards Sofia2: esta nueva funcionalidad permite crear visualmente dashboards personalizados, utilizando los gadgets Sofia2 y widgets como información del tiempo, feeds RSS…

Esto permite a partir de las ontologías disponibles para el usuario crear APPs de visualización:

· Dashboards Sofia2: this new functionality allows the composition of custom dashboards, using the gadgets created in the Sofia2 console, plus some widgets like weather information, RSS feeds,..

Using the available ontologies, a user can create with little effort an APP to display data:

· New gadget types: line charts and maps have been added to the URLs gadget.

· Brand New Features in ontology generation from Excel/CSV. This version extends ontology generation basis functionality, allowing:

– Select mode in case of first Excel row matches column names

– Modifying column names

– Selection of data type on each different row, supporting a wide range of different types (String, Boolean, Number, Geometry-LAT y Geometry-LON)

Image below shows ontology generation new features

Generated ontology instance visualization aspect

· Decoupling among API Manager Sofia2 and SIB Sofia2: From now on API Manager does not require SIB to solve Sofia2 APIs orchestration, behaving as Sofia2 APIs and external APIs proxy. This allows a standalone use, with no need of SIB existence.

· New SSAP Message BULK this message allows grouping different SSAP messages in a single send package. Message can be made of different types, like INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE and subsequently be processed on Sofia2 InCloud instances ( New BULK message is available on Gateways MQTT, Websocket and DWR in Sofia2 SIB.

BULK Messages has been disposed as Java API either, helping developers an easy exploitation of this feature:

· New process execution UI visualization: Web Console Configuration acquires new UI which shows a display of processes state after execution, as well as an error trace.

It is possible to check details like execution process type, process owner, ontology, execution date and current status.

This may be found on menu Tools > Process Status Visualization

· Platform Certification over WAS 8.5

· API C improvements: Compilation was migrated to CMake, which allows an easy compilation on any system, like UNIX or Windows (via Cygwin). Documentation is generated with Doxygen.

· UI CEP Rules usage improvements

· Several bugs were solved, including changes to performance, stability and reliability of the platform.



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