Sofia2 new release 2.13.0 is now available. This release has also been deployed in the experimentation platform Sofia2 In-Cloud.

This new version adds the following features to the platform:

· New Sofia2 Configuration Console Look & Feel: ​​many changes and improvements has been made in the configuration console in order to improve its usability and adaptation to different devices. In this sense emphasizes Its adaptation to fluid style, collapsible menus, new header and footer and improved compatibility with IE8 +.

· Integration with Social Networking. A new Twitter Streaming Demo aims to demonstrate the platform’s ability to process data in real-time. This demo allows loading real time data from the ultimate social network: Twitter and represent them on a real time world map from the platform.

A video showing this functionality is available at

· Demo Smart Home: The capacity of the platform is shown to control home automation components as a watt., a temperature sensor and humidity sensor using a web app easily. A manual on how to build the demo environment (Raspberry + Zigbee sensors) and software running on it is going to be published soon.

A video showing this functionality is available at

· External Assets Management: This functionality allows to handle the concept of Asset by one or more external services (REST services). The platform will return in these cases Assets managed by the service instead of the internally managed Assets.

· API Manager management via RESTFUL Services. This version incorporates a new REST API than enables the management of APIs from external services without the use of the Sofia2’s web configuration console.

· Event’s absence detection Improvement by CEP engine: A new extension has been included to the existing syntax so that the CEP rules can acquire the absence of eventsduring certain time easily. From now it can be done as follows:

from EVENTO_1[TRAINSET_SHORT__TRAINSET__TOTALVEHICLES == ’20’]#window.sofia:eventAbsence(20000)


insert into SALIDA_1

· “Last value” new Gadget: This new gadget allows to show the last value on a embeddable gadget in the dashboard.

· New C/C++ API: the new C/C++ API supports now Windows compilation (Visual Studio). Also the SSAP BULK message support has been added.

· BDTR to BDH module performance improvements: This module has been refactorized incorporating improvements in performance and process capability.

· New RESTFUL APIs: including CEP rules and Scripts.

· Performance Platform Testing: A report has been produced in which is detailed, among others, the number of processed messaged, the number of running CEP rules and the number of running scripts, per second. This report may be ordered through the platform’s contact mail.

These tests also details the percentages of time dedicated to each tasks in the processing of a message:



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