Sofia2 new release 2.15.0 is now available. This release has also been deployed in the experimentation platform Sofia2 CloudLab.

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This new version adds the following features to the platform:

· Certification Process of Sofia2 Platform as MongoDB Enterprise Solution

After a few months of work Sofia2 certification process was completed as MongoDB Enterprise 2.6 solution in the area M2M / IoT.

· Platform Integration with Cisco Ruoter:

During this release Indra and Cisco engineers have worked closely to integrate Cisco 819 models with Sofia2 Platform.

The integration of the solutions combines the advantages of:

– Processing close to the sensor, known as Fog Computing. This allows the immediate decision-making (data do not travel through the WAN) and filtering information (by reducing the bandwidth consumption of the overall solution).

– Aggregated processing of information received from the Cisco 819 on Sofia2, allowing execution of rules in real time according to the information received (even combining it with other information), Big Data analysis of the information received, publication of information through our API Manager or shared with other KPs / APPs of Sofia2, etc.

Integration has done in both directions, allowing transmission of the sensor information from the router to Sofia2 and rule configuration from Sofia2 to the router (push mode).

¡Un gran trabajo conjunto de dos grandes empresas del sector!

· KPs Container V2:

The KP Container module has been extended including among its new features:

– Support execution of managed and embedded KPs in the container in other languages:

We support now the execution ok managed KPs developed on Java or URL-type, for this kind of KP it is necessary to indicate an URL and its query and header parameters if they are required. The execution of the KP will be a HTTP GET request to the URL from the KPs Container and the response will be transformed into the INSERT messages to be sent to the SIB.

-New management features for contained KPs

Starting and Stopping the execution of a KP.

Downloading of wrong messages discarded by the container to be sent to the SIB.

KP execution monitoring.

· iOS API:

This API was one of the most desired API by the developer community Sofia2. This API has been implemented by our collaborqtor Carlos Romero (thanks!), is written in Objective-C language and communicates with the Sofia2 SIB by WebSockets.

It has been developed with XCode 6.1.1 and supports the target Deployment from 7.1.

To install it just download the package from the Development section and import it into your XCode.

The iOS API includes an example with an interface that shows the Sofia2 protocol:

· API-Manager Cache System

A new cache system has been added to the API-Manager module.

The period of cache configuration is done in the creation/modification API screen. A new section includes :

If the Caching Results option is selected, you can specify a value in minutes of Caching.

This value cache must be between the permissible range (configurable by admin) .

· API Manager configurable Deployment:

In this new version the API Manager module allows StandAlone or SIB-associated deployment modes.

To set the operating mode , there is a new property:



· Various improvements Manager API

In addition to the features mentioned we have incorporated improvements at performance, APIs support with other response formats, examples, …

· Platform deployment certificated on WAS 8.5

From this release WebSphere 8.5 is one of the certified Sofia2 platforms, this allows deploy Sofia2 on WAS 8.5 with support.

· REST API Social Media

In Sofia2 release 2.15 we have included REST APIs that allow use the Social Media capabilities on Twitter without access the Web console.

· Improvements and optimizations on KP Model Architecture

On this release we have made new stress tests on non-optimal situations and optimized the infrastructure performance.

· Several bugs and improvements fixings

With the Sofia2 engagement and support we have solved incidents and deployed patches (including the CloudLab environment).



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