¿What is SIGFOX?


SIGFOX is a global cellular connectivity solution for the Internet of Things. It was designed for low speed communications which allow us to reduce prices and energy consumption to the connected devices.


SIGFOX is based in an antennas infrastructure and base stations fully independent from the existing networks.

This low speed network is gradually going to be deployed in 60 countries over the next five years.

SIGFOX releases the IoT potential providing a highly scalable global network for connected devices. SIGFOXReady™ devices connect to Internet without any supplementary cost related to its geographic situation and without any additional network configuration for a specific location.

This worldwide connectivity solution is managed by SIGFOX thanks to its collaboration program throughout the cellular network operators, connecting all local ecosystems to the global networks. Unlike all phone companies trying to increase the bandwidth to 2/3/4G to give service to smartphones and tablets, the main SIGFOX target is to allow every object to connect to the Internet, affordably, wherever it is and without the need of charge its battery.

It is impossible to imagine the deployment of billions of connected devices with high communication costs and considering such volumes, every square centimeter of microchip counts. SIGFOX protocol is compatible with the majority of existent transceivers, and therefore it is easily accessible to all the modules and devices manufacturers.


SIGFOX is already deployed in:


It is expected to be introduced in all this: http://www.sigfox.com/es/#!/connected-world/sigfox-network-operator

At technological level, SIGFOX uses the UNB (Ultra Narrow Band), based on radio technology, to connect devices to its global network. The usage of UNB is essential to supply a high capacity network, evolutionary and with very low energetic cost, keeping a star cellular infrastructure, simple and easy to deploy.

If you are thinking about using SIGFOX in your application, it is important to take into account that SIGFOX is a connectivity solution focused on low speed devices. In SIGFOX you can send between 0 and 140 messages per day and each message contains up to 12 bytes of real useful data. The protocol itself already transmits the device ID, so those 12 can be structures as we want without any limit.

SIGFOX also offers an API and a SIGFOX CLOUD which offers a web application interface to manage the devices and the data integration configuration, as well as standard web APIs to automatize the managing of the devices and to implement data integration. The APIs are based on HTTPS REST requests, like GET or POST and the load format used is JSON. They can provide IPv6 interfaces to its devices too, as well as the MQTT protocol.

A “thing” needs a certified modem to be able to send messages using SIGFOX.

The image below shows some application examples:


The Price depends on the volume of the messages exchanged between devices as well as on the number of them. For more information contact with their local SNO.

If you want to know more about SIGFOX, take a look to their WhitePaper.

¿What is SIGFOX?


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