Sofia2 new release 2.19.0 is now available. This release has also been deployed in the experimentation platform Sofia2 CloudLab.

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This new version adds the following features to the platform:

· Dashboards and Gadgets v3.0:

On this release it has been made a complete functionality review, adding great features that allow to compose fully operational BAM style dashboards.

New functionalities include gadgets fully customizable, javascript-like function included, transformations, muti values display,…

Sofia2 Tutorial 5: Gadget Creation

It is allowed to pass arguments to Gadgets. This way gadgets can be configured on an initial state when rendering:

It has been included a new Table Gadget:

Master-Detail relationship is supported now. This way Table like gadgets act as data controller for a detail visualization:

Sofia2 Tutorial 7: Table Gadget Creation and Gadgets Interaction

New Dashboards are easy to handle and admit several layout variations.

In example, a simple layout:

Or a complex Dashboard:

Sofia2 Tutorial 6: Dashboard Creation

· Integrated CloudLab Environment Sofia2+eVidens:

It is been released a new integrated version of both platforms on the free Experimentation Platform.

and it is also used on Smart Coruña Portal as a web viewer.

eVidens is an advanced integral visualization and interaction system that allows a geolocated information management on a multimedia and 3D environment.

eVidens is whole integrated with Sofia2 through a connector (it is explained on this post how integration was made on both products: Cómo crear un Visor eVidens a partir de una Ontología Sofia2).

· Multiformat Reports Support:

Platform adds support to create reports using a powerful report engine JasperReports. JasperResports is a widely used open-source motor engine, and allows to generate reports using different formats like PDF, HTML, Word, OpenOffice, Excel,…

Those reports can be created through several visual editors supported by Jasper engine (for example iReport Designer) wich is connected to Sofia2 RTDB and HDB.

When reports are created they can be loaded on Sofia2 through Web Console, where can be executed. Web Console allow to pass required parameters.

Report results can be stored on Sofia2 platform for a later analisys.

· Data Simulator

This simple yet powerful web tool will be very useful when testing integrations between different vertical through Sofia2.

This tool allows to generate data (instances of ontologies) based on rules that are defined via the web.

And indicate the generator associated to every attribute:

This video shows

Sofia2 Tutorial 4: Creation and launch of data on a Widget

In this release there has been included a random data generator, to insert in ontologies instances of the ontology from time to time. It has several generators for each type predefined:

They can be modified and new ones can be created from these:

At the bottom of the form, we have all the ontology fields where for each one, you can select your own field generator. Under the scheme we can view the instance that was generated at the time, as well as the Start / Stop button to generate instances:

· Complete Support RTDB on relational Databases:

This release completes the functionality that allows the transparent use of Sofia2 not only on MongoDB as BDTR also on any relational database with JDBC driver (Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLServer, ..)

In these video tutorials you can see some examples:

Soporte BDTR Relacional 1: Create Ontologies

Soporte BDTR Relacional 3: Insert from CRUD

Soporte BDTR Relacional 2: Native Insert

· Creation of various webcasts about the use of the Platform:

In YouTube Channel Canal de Youtube de Sofia2 there are several video tutorials on how to use different capabilities of the platform, from Dashboard generation, ontology creation, use of the CRUD, visualization of ontologies in the Evidens Holistic Viewer, …

These videos allow to quickly get an idea of how easy it is to use Sofia2 even for complex functionalities.

· Migration in the CloudLab Environment MongoDB 3:

The Sofia2 CloudLab environment has been updated to the version of MongoDB BDTR 3.0. This version of MongoDB provides significant improvements in performance.It is used as BDTR version 3 of MongoDB, offering major improvements in terms of performance included:



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