Sofia2 new release 2.20.0 is now available. This release has also been deployed in the Experimentation Platform Sofia2 CloudLab.

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This new version adds the following features to the platform:

· Twitter Real time Monitoring

This new functionality complements the social media capabilities of Sofia2 allowing to receive information of Twitter in real-time during an interval for further analysis.

It can be accessed from the menu Social Media>Scheduled Search from the console, from where we can see a table with our programmed searches and create a new ones.

In the creation screen we introduce the search terms, the length of the listening time, and the ontology in which we want to store the tweets collected by the platform

· Automatic HTML5 client generation based on Platform REST API services:

In this new version it is possible to generate a complete HTML client in ZIP format from any of the published APIs on the API Manager. This client allows a complete CRUD management based on a published API.

To download it there is a new button on the menu of my subscriptions:

A zip will be downloaded with the html code for the operations offered by this API, and depending on how many operations are enabled, they will be available on the client:

· Real time Platform usage dashboards:

This dashboard allows administrators to watch the number and size of the requests by user and time units. It is also possible to represent it in personalized Dashboards shaping a scorecard of the usage of the platform, showing information such as most active users, total number of requests, etc.

· Publication of new API .NET

With the objective of being a universal Platform accessible from any device, system or language we have added this new API Sofia2 over Microsoft .NET to the available APIs (Java, Javascript, C, Android, Arduino, Node.js, IOS, Python).

It is available in the DOWNLOADS section, in the ‘developer’ page. It can also be downloaded from this link: API Sofia2 .NET

· Visual definition of custom methods in Platform’s REST APIS

Now you can add personalized methods to tour APIS in order to allow to encapsulate the parameterization of the invocation of the REST service.

All the operation details are introduced using a new interface:

The added methods will be exposed along with the previous ones:

All the parameters defined in the operation will be transparent to users, being the method invocation:

· Graphical UI Connection Management.

A new user interface has been developed for the management of the physical and logical connections on the platform.

· Support for Scripting Rules debugging:

In this version the web console display the execution log of the scripts launched on the Platform. If we launch an erroneous script, we can visualize the log:

· Queries web interface enhancements

A new feature has been developed for the managemente of the platform on which we can view relevant information of Users, MongoDB and Hadoop.

It allows us to select a user and display the ontologies on which he can operate and the last records that were inserted into the ontology. Additionally it allows us to filter by dates to limit the information we want to retrieve, as well as showing the ontologies on which the user is authorized.

In the case of the databases it shows the existing database on MongoDB instance or Hadoop, allowing to select each of the collections on them and customize the Query that we want to launch to display its content.

· Array support included in Gadgets & Dashboards:

In this new version of Sofia2 the functions available have increased for graphics over arrays on ontologies.

· Exporting Queries to several formats.

It has been added to the Query Tool the possibility to export the results of the queries in EXCEL, CSV y XML formats.

Once the query is performed next to the button Perform Query, icons will appear that identify each of the formats in which we can retrieve the information.

· Binary Repository enhancements.

The BinaryRepository module now allows the exposure of the operations (upload and download) through a REST service. As a example now you can upload photos or videos, and connect to an ontology everything seamlessly.



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