Sofia2 new release 2.21.0 is now available. This release has also been deployed in the experimentation platform Sofia2 CloudLab.

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This new version adds the following features to the platform:

· New Gadgets: Words Cloud, Heatmap and Heatmap over image:

There have been new additions to the gadgets section:

New HeatMap gadget, supported on a Google Map:

As well as on an image:

It has also been created a new gadget that allows to create word clouds from text strings (obtained from ontologies data).

· Subscriptions via REST connection:

It has been included in the REST Gateway the possibility of subscriptions to queries.

Till now, this feature was bidirectional connection protocols exclusively (MQTT, WebSocket, Ajax / Push …) so that the SIB Sofia2 use the specific protocol return channel to send the notification data.

The new Sofia2 Gateway REST solve the problem of REST notification by registering an endpoint Http (Rest Service for example) by the Sofia2 App client (KP) where Sofia2 must send the notification message. Sofia2 sends this notification using the HTTP PUT and sending the SSAP message in application/json format.

The documentation can be accessed from Http:// and querying the Sofia2 API Restful API:

· New Twitter Streaming API Demo

Using The Platform’s Gadgets a new demonstrator has been built, that shows Sofia2 integration capabilities with Twitter.

The demo is available at:

The demo receives real-time information from Twitter and display this information in several ways: word cloud and several different graphics:

· Lisboa IoT Forum IDC

This month, organized by Indra Portugal’s team (thanks to Antonio and his team) Sofia2 was at IoT Forum Lisbon:

This event was held at Lisbon’s Universidade Nova with the attendance of several leading companies in the Internet of Things (IoT) field, including Indra’s IoT Platform Sofia2.

An audience of almost 200 people visited the stand where Sofia2 team explained the success stories of the platform and several live demos.

· Smart Sofia2 Drone

Designed and built as an Open Hardware + Open Software device, one of our experts in the field (Miguel Garvia) has developed a drone controlled from the platform. We have called it Smart Sofia2 Drone.

Among its capabilities are:

-Integration of autopilot functions with a Raspberry Pi controller mounted on the chassis.

-Communication with Sofia2 via 3G.

-Able to post measures of internal / sensor systems to Sofia2’s ontologies.

-Reception of processed signals from the platform, in the form of commands to move to certain locatios and operate on external actuators.

These capabilities give the Smart Sofia2 Drone full autonomy and ability to communicate at any distance thanks to 3G.

In Lisbon’s IoT Forum Miguel introduced the Smart Sofia2 Drone with a remote photo capture and Twitter communication Demo.

In future posts we will explain the steps of construction and Drone communication with Sofia2.

· Portuguese and Italian support:

In this version, the platform‘s Configuration Console incorporates Portuguese language

And Italian:

· Improved Dashboards parameters management:

In this version the functionality to fulfill parametric Gadgets parameters is simplified. Before, for each parametric Gadget all parameters had to be informed, although several Gadgets shared parameters.

Now it has added the ability to massively populate Gadgets’ parameters by filling one with the new available button "Draw All!":

So that clicking on any of them the rest will be filled with the specified parameters:

· Full Sofia2 deployment support over Indra’s iGAS

IGAS (G App Server for Java EE) is a Java EE application server with on demand auto-provisioning and multitenant capabilities. It provides centralized management, automatic deployment of different instances of each application on tenants …

Sofia2 ‘s 2.21 version adds GAppServer to the list of supported servers. This allows to use the G Indra’s infrastructure to automatically size the platform Sofia2 nodes depending on the workload.

· Conditions of Use and Unsubscribe from CloudLab

In this version Conditions of Use to the CloudLab’s Experimentation Environment have been added

It has also added the ability to unsubscribe through the user data screen.

· Script and Process operative have been isolated:

Centralizing in the Script module the real time operative and the batch and planned operative on the Process module.

· Improvements in Sofia2 usability



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