DNS-SD: Dynamic Discovery of IoT Services with Java

IoT is a field where scaling is essential and an IoT platform should be able to grow, starting with hundreds of devices and reaching a deployment of hundreds of thousands or millions of devices.

And when we talk about these volumes, the need of these devices instead of having a default access setting to services and platforms, being able to make a discovery of these is fundamental.

Sure that by this point you have recollected the world of UDDI registries (I remembered even the universal UDDI registries :))…

Well, the standard DNS-SD DNS-Based Service Discovery is designed directly to simplify the service discovery via the standard a mechanism is established to allow customers to discover a list of instances of the service searched through DNS queries.

The operation is the following:

iot-discovery-services is a Java library that implements the standard DNS-SD and allows to search PTRS and services within a DNS zone. The way to use it is like this

The library uses internally Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSec) that ensures the authenticity of the DNS records.

In addition to the Java library we have IoT Discovery Services CLI Application which allows to launch this process via Java Shell, as shown in this example

Coming up very soon news on DNS-SD and Sofia2…

DNS-SD: Dynamic Discovery of IoT Services with Java


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