Sofia2 new release 2.22.0 is now available. This release has also been deployed in the experimentation platform Sofia2 CloudLab.

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This new version adds the following features to the platform:

· Personalized version of Sofia2 for the IoT Smart World Congress 2015 Event

Indra will have a stand in the main event in the IoT field worldwide, to be held in Barcelona from the 16th to the 18th of September (

Within the stand dedicated to IoT, Sofia2 will have a very important position. For the occasion the team has prepared a version that includes a set of demonstrators that give an idea of the multi-sector capabilities (Smart Everywhere) of Sofia2.

· Presentation of Sofia2 as Certified Cloud Platform of Libelium

Within the event we will present the integration between Meshliums of Libelium and Sofia2 Platform, this integration permits send data from Meshlium to Sofia2 immediately with 0 programming.

This integration enables to create, even faster, IoT solutions based on different models of Waspmotes and Sofia2 as sensor integration platform, decision-making and data analytics for decision making.

With this integration we can create solutions in record time of measuring water quality, fire detection, irrigation optimization, vineyard monitoring and many more.

To present the integration a set of dashboards have been developed that represent the real-time information received from the sensors

· New version of Sofia2 Configuration Console (Sofia2 Control Panel)

Using the IoT event we decided to present a first version of the next generation Control Panel Sofia2.

This new version is fully Responsive (on Bootstrap) and allows us to see how in the final version of the new Control Panel Sofia2 the entire configuration process is simplified:

· Demostrator Twitter Of Things:

it shows the capabilities of the platform listening in real time on Twitter and on the other hand the integration of Sofia2 APIs with Intel IoT Gateway DK50 y DK100.

Once we become followers of the Twitter account of the Sofia2 Platform (, through Twitter we can send a message like this one:

Sofia2 has defined a Listening Planner for this hashtag (#Sofia2AndIntelDemo) that allows to receive everything that is sent on that hashtag.

In that moment, the Intel Gateway through the Java API of Sofia2 is listening on an Ontology receiving orders to change the color of a strip of LEDs.

The demo has an additional surprise!!! if you pass by Indra´s stand you can see examples of the colors of your football team on the band.

The demonstrator is complemented with a Sofia2 Dashboard representing a real-time color statistics and major equipment.

After the event we will post the code and the user interfaces of this demonstrator for anyone to use as a basis for their developments.

· Sofia2 Dashboards Version 4.0

Integrated into the new Web Console we have this new version of Dashboards, which includes among other improvements:

Dashboard available under a URL, this allows launching a Dashboard from the outside of the Sofia2 Console.

Support for resizing Gadgets, zoom and folding Gadgets

-New Themes as dark_theme_free.css:

Change styling of some gadgets like Gauge that have changed the base JavaScript library.

Also this version includes numerous performance improvements, fluent animations, styling, images,…

· New HTML5 Gadget:

This powerful new gadget allows to load customized HTML5 content in the Gadget, allowing even the hot load of external JS libraries.

This allows the visual development on the console of Sofia2 Javascript KPs or complete Javascript applications hosted on Sofia2 which can then be added to a Dashboard Sofia2.

The gadget also supports loading SVGs allowing you to create vector and interactive graphics:

· Dynamic loading of libraries Script Rules

Through the Sofia2 Console, platform administrators can load (and download) dynamic libraries (JARS) with new operations that can be used from the Rules immediately.

· Other demonstrators for the event IoT Smart World Congress

The team is still working on more demonstrators for the event, of which we will inform via the Blog Sofia2 (

Domotic Control Demo of the sensor system of Indra´s own stand at the event through a 3D interface developed on the platform for 3D presentations Cl3ver integrated with Sofia2 through the JavaScript API Sofia2, it sends orders to the Indra Gateway Node#1:

Smart Retail Demo in a 3D virtual environment built by our partner ILUX with 3D Holistic Viewer eVidens representing the simulated data collected by Sofia2 concerning queues, number of people in the store,…

Dron Sofia2 Demo, this demo is an Open Hardware+Open Software example, Dron is completelly controlled by Sofia2 (route, imaging capting, sensors information,…)

· Numerous improvements on the Script Rules Module

This version incorporates several improvements in this module, in order to simplify its use and make it easier to debug when we are running.

For example, contextual help has been added to get to know the interface of an operation.

· Resolution of incidents and small usability improvements of the Platform



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