IoT Solutions World Congress 2015 Barcelona


Indra was one of the 86 companies with stand in the first Congress on
Internet of Things celebrated in Barcelona (

Companies from different sectors gathered to present and learn about the latest
trends around Internet of Things. There was a large variety of stands with the latest developments of IoT technology on display.

At the stand, Indra showed innovative solutions and use cases of business solutions built on Sofia2, our IoT platform.

This first edition of the IoTs World Congress congregated 120 speakers and 86 international leading companies, also including an exposition zone and networking activities.

One of the speakers was Sebastian Gómez, member of our team, that following the slogan “Revamp your business through IoT technology” explained how Sofia2 can generate multiple savings and impulse new business.

Sofia2 allows processing information in real time coming from sensors, existing IT systems, wearable devices, social networks and multiple heterogeneous sources.

It also has infrastructure for the development of Smart solutions (Smart Cities, Smart Energy, Smart Health and Retail among others).

At our stand there were several demonstrators to show all the platform´s capabilities, integrations with various devices and systems and possible business cases with the platform.

In addition to showing our use cases, we received many ideas on new approaches and trends currently in the market. We were visited by a very heterogeneous audience: International companies interested to create partnerships, start-ups and entrepreneurs with interesting ideas, etc. We’ll have in mind all these proposals collected during the event for future projects of the platform, even some of them have already been launched.

From the Sofia2 team we want to thank you for the support and interest at the event.

We are looking forward for the second edition of IOTSWC next year!

Here is some information about the demos at the IOTSWC:
Smart Home:
In the area of ‘smart home’, along with a selection of smart home devices (sockets, consumption meters, thermostats or cameras), Indra showed the ‘gateways’ that the company is developing. By connecting these new devices with Sofia2, Indra is able to offer the market a service platform for a flexible and versatile home that can integrate with a wide range of manufacturers.
Thanks to the new 3D model representation for open source Cl3ver integrated with Sofia2, Indra’s stand at the event could be controlled from a demo:
Cycle power plugs, change the color and intensity of the lights, the camera view streaming, among others.

Indra works with companies like Intel and Libelium to develop a new version of Sofia2 with higher performance, in a strategy aimed at combining the best practices and solutions of each to offer to our customers.
Incorporating Libelium sensor technology and ‘gateways’ to Sofia2 will create in record time, for example, measurement solutions for water quality, fire detection or optimization of irrigation, among others.

Twitter of Things:
The demonstrator Twitter of Things, which combines the social network of ‘microblogging’ with Sofia2, it provides capabilities that can be used by the systems and solutions that are integrated with the platform to build unique solutions and new business models.
Twitter is not just a major social networks, it lets you know in real time what society says, and along with the analytical capabilities of Sofia2, it makes available to the business solutions the ability to know what is happening worldwide.

This demonstrator is an example of Open Hardware + Open Software development, the Dron is completely controlled by Sofia2 (route, image capture, sensors information, …). The possible business cases could be border control, agriculture, firefighting, surveillance and security, etc.

Holistic Viewer:
Through the Holistic Viewer (eVidens) of the Smart Coruna Platform, all data collected in real time by Coruna Smart City is geolocated on the map.
You can see it in action with the following link:

IoT Solutions World Congress 2015 Barcelona


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