This new version adds the following features to the platform:

Sofia2 new release 2.24 in now available. This release has also been deployed in the experimentation platform Sofia2 CloudLab.

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This new version adds the following features to the platform:

· New Rules and Scripting engime on R and Python languages

From this Release Rules and scripts can be defined in Groovy, R and Python. This allows to leverage the knowledge and libraries on these two languages for creating complex logics. Scripts can be invoked after an insert, as a result of CEP Rule or be planned.

In addition APIs are included in R and Python to insert/extract information from the database in real time with the command insertIntoBDTR and getFromBDTR.

In R we can:

Y en Python:

· New Gadget Type Shiny

Shiny is a framework on R to build Web applications. It allows very easily to create HTML5 visualizations via R scripts with Javascript powerful libraries as D3 (see examples).

In this Release, Sofia2 supports this new type of Gadget, allowing you to easily create visualizations like this. How to create gadgets is very simple, allows to load stylesheets and other files:

It also allows us to see in real time the appearance of the gadget:

· Sofia2 Integration with Brandwatch Analytics

The integration of Brandwatch Analytics has been added to Sofia2 capabilities of extracting information from various social networks for cases where specific skills are needed.

This allows to use all the stored and processed data from Brandwatch in Sofia2 and relate it to the rest of the information handled in the Platform. These capabilities are used as a value proposal of Social Media Command Center (SMCC) as a differential analytical solution in social networks.

This video explains in detail the benefits of this solution:

The integration supports different configurations of Brandwatch, configure queries, planning the execution of these queries, define search templates and ultimately store the results of these searches as Sofia2 ontologies.

Once stored as an ontology Sofia2 we can apply rules on them, represent them in dashboards,…

· Sofia 2 Integration with Horus Solution of Indra

This version has developed an integration with Indra´s solution for intelligent traffic and tunnel management Horus, which is implanted in key systems such as traffic control centers for tunnels in London.

A connector has been developed to consume information from Horus, this allows for example to represent it in the Sofia2 Holistic Viewer (eVidens) along with the other assets, make decisions in real time on this information with Sofia2 rules engines or doing analytical and predictive processes on this information.

We can see how the information of Horus:

Is represented automatically in the Holistic Viewer:

This integration allows to expand the capabilities of both solutions, enabling new interactions, for example easily provide information panels on social network profiles, in the picture we can see a rule that posts on the twitter account of a team member the text of the information panel in real time:

· Pay As You Drive Demonstrator (PAYD)

Thanks to the team of Vodafone and Oysta we have operating an early version of this demonstrator that includes a social and gamification approach aiming to reduce the number of claims and the cost of the insurance.

A OBD-2 device collects information in real-time of the car (GPS coordinates, speed, fuel consumption, …), sends it to the platform where it is analyzed, alerts are generated, … plus two portals are included: one for the user and one for the administrator, in which each user can view information of interest.

If you are interested in viewing the demo you can contact us via the contact in the web.

· New Version of Scripts Editor

The editor of the scripting engine is upgraded with the new release.

In addition to the change of subject of the editor, key words from each language, stresses which is very convenient now that scripts can be Groovy, Python and R. In addition, it contains new text, selection by columns search functions, expansion of screen… much facilitate the editing of scripts.

· New Sink Sofia2 in Sofia2-DataFlow

A new module Sofia2-DataFlow has been added for additional functionality to simplify the transition to Sofia2 Ontologies.

A Sink that allows persisting JSON objects of the stream to Sofia2 ontologies using the REST API of the SIB (allows to define and evaluate rules and alerts on traffic received by the stream, and also apply all the security and validations layer of Sofia2)

And two transformers to split a string based on a regular expression and to help handling JSONs.

· Resolution of incidents and small usability improvements of the Platform



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