FEEP IoT & Big Data Platform Sofia2 3.0 RELEASED

New Release FEEP IoT & Big Data Platform Sofia2 in now available. This is the first Sofia2 release part of the FEEP Enablement Platform and it includes many new features.

This release has also been deployed in the experimentation platform Sofia2 CloudLab.

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· Project Concept in Control Panel

Projects allow organizing the work done on the platform havinga unified view of the concepts, and allow different participants to collaborate on a project .

In addition, the Web Console adapts to the selected project type.

In this release you can create these types of projects.

IoT Basic: projects that only need access to the basic functionalities of the Platform.

IoT General: projects that need the bulk of functionalities provided by the Platform.

Social Media: projects focusing on Social Network analytics.

Big Data Analytics: projects focused on the analysis, exploitation, modeling, reporting, …

From now on the home screen of Sofia2 Control Panel displays all projects in which the user is participator or owner:

When you access a project you can see at a glance all the relevant information of the project (including the associated Web project):

 The project management is done from the menu option Projects > My Projects. A Collaborator user can create new projects and assign Collaborators to these:

· Project Associated Web:

Associated with the project concept, the platform allows to include web content (html, css, images, javascript …) in order to create a complete website that can be shared with external users:

This web can use the Javascript API Sofia2 and therefore consume and produce content to the platform.

The interface allows you to edit online the content of the project, allowing to desploy packages with the entire project and manage its files.

· Support of FI-WARE NGSI-10 protocol:

FI-WARE NGSI is a standard promoted by FI-WARE for the exchange of information between different applications.

It can be broken down into 2 REST APIs:

NGSI-9: Focused on the management of the information format (entities) to they are known by all the applications that exchange it.

NGSI-10: Focused on the exchange of information.

In Sofia2 the format of the information is managed by ontologies and their definition via JSON-Schema. Ontologies can be defined and managed both from the Web Control Panel and from l API REST management.

In this version the platform has made available a REST gateway that supports the defined standard operations and the NGSI-10 protocol, this allows to use the Sofia2 platform as a supported Context Broker FI-WARE.

Internally Sofia2 still manages its concept of Ontology, while at interfaces level the NGSI-10 structures are handled. Thus the FI-WARE clients can use Sofia2 as Context Broker and also use the other platform capabilities

In the CloudLab Sofia2.com, the API NGSI-10 is exposed through the url http://sofia2.com/sib/services/NGSI10/ and its documentation, as the rest of APIs REST in Sofia2, is available in: http://sofia2.com/sib

To use the API NGSI10, you must have a valid token in Sofia2, to be used for authentication purposes, sending it in the header of the request.

For example to create an entity, we use the operation updateContext:

Obtaining the standard response NGSI-10:

One the petition is processed we can manage this entity as any other ontology Sofia2:

· Initial Version of Sofia2-SCADA Module

In 2016 we have launched a new line of work focused on adapting our IoT Platform to the Industrial field (Smart Manufacturing).

Within this line SCADAS are a key element in the supervision and control of industrial processes. Keeping the approach and the concepts of the platform we have launched the first version of Sofia2-SCADA module.

This first version has focused on the visuals allowing to define tags, alarms and Synoptics:

In later versions native connectors for industrial protocols such as OPC will be incorporated .

All the creation of the Synoptics is integrated into the Web Console and allows to drag the visual elements and associate them to the previously created tags

Once created a synoptic we can run it, the HMI is a HTML5 application that can be viewed in any browser and mobile device:

You can see the module working in this video.

· Notebooks Sofia2 :

With the inclusion of new Analytic Capabilities in Sofia2 towards an analytical approach, the platform has incorporated the ability to create web notebooks.

These notebooks allow simple and interactive analytics on a wide variety of data sources, including Sofia2 data sources:

Sofia2 Notebooks is built on Apache Zeppelin and has the ability to combine Scala, SparkSQL, SQL, R code … with html content o reactive directives of angular, allowing real-time interactions with a powerful interface and all in a shared and multiuser environment.

Spark and SparkSQL:



This feature is available for users with the role ANALYTICS, this is a new role created for users of the Platform focused on exploiting its analytical capabilities.

· Sofia2 Data Link Module:

This new module allows any tool BI & Data Discovery to connect to the platform repositories. That provides ODBC, JDBC and RESTful interfaces and SQL layer on these repositories (RTDB and HDB):

The engine allows JOINS between repositories and create views on the queries so that then can set security on them.

This module has been built on Apache Drill.

· Sofia2 DataFlow Adaptation to new version SpringXD and Flo

The versions of SpringXD and Flo which run in the DataFlow have been updated. This enables the possibility of creating composed Jobs, allowing to link several Jobs enabling their synchronization, behavior and control in case of errors.

Once created, the composed Jobs are available from the window of modules, so that you can create new Jobs as provided above.

· Kit Smart Cities MarketPlace Libelium:

Libelium has presented this tuesday at the Mobile World Congress The IoT Marketplace, an online store in which you can select and buy different kits composed with the hardware, connectivity and Cloud Platform, speeding up the IoT adoption.

In this MarketPlace Libelium+Indra propose a solution in the field Smart Cities. With a solution that includes measuring temperature, humidity, pressure, noise, ultrasounds, CO, NO2, O3, SO2, luminosity, ….

· Dashboard Smart Agro in collaboration with Libelium for Mobile World Congress

Within this collaboration with Libelium, Indra has developed a Dashboard that monitors real-time information from different sensors.

The demo can be seen at this URL: http://sofia2.com/SmartAgriculture/index.html#

· New Features in version Sofia2 Social Media Edition

When we create a Social Media project type, the home screen incorporates direct access to the most useful features for this type of project such as analytical processing, visualization and Social Networks:

There has also been included a wizard for creating, processing and visualization of queries Brandwatch, the wizard consists of three steps: creating a query Brandwatch, associated analytical processing and visualization.

· Optimization of the Subscriptions Engine

From now from the Web Console you can configure for each ontology the Broadcasting subscriptions and the subscriptions led by field.

The Broadcasting Subscriptions are the subscriptions as Select * from Alarma type in which an event must be notified to various KPs. The Subscriptions led by field are the subscriptions as Select [*,[lista_campos]] from CommandReq where Command.assetId=’<identificador_concentrador>’ type, in which there are various KPs subscripbed to the same ontology depending on the value of a field.

This optimization can scale the number of subscriptions that the Platforma supports horizontally.

· Interactive Guides

A series of interactive guides are being developed that allow the user to perform a series of guided steps to facilitate the learning of concepts and functionalities of the platform Sofia2.

The following guides are now available: First Steps with Sofia2, Guide to Create an Ontology Step by Step and Guide to Create a KP

Also the First Steps with Sofia2 guide can be viewed in the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XVuSz7lwBw

· Various improvements and resolution of incidents of the Platform as update of API Arduino (details here) or the infrastructure improvements Sofia2-Edge (KP Model) thanks to the work debugging with the Smart Coruña team.

FEEP IoT & Big Data Platform Sofia2 3.0 RELEASED


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