Sofia2 IoT Platform Editions

Depending on the set of Sofia2 modules in use, we can talk about three different editions of the platform: Base Edition, IoT Edition y Advanced Analytics Edition:

Base Edition

IoT Edition

Advanced Analytics Edition

Facilitates an agile development of applications, including the capability of integrating information with IoT devices such as sensors.

This agile development is provided thanks to the following benefits of the platform:


· Management of the data domain through an unified UI.

· Automated CRUD interfaces  generation for the defined entities.

· Bussiness rules defined in an easy way, by means of wizard,  APIs and indenpendence of the underlying technology.

. Simplified integrations .

Designed for IoT information flows. This is: Systems managing huge amounts of data, generated in a short time.


· Systems with high relevance of sensors and devices

· Human being as a sensor: Social Media and wearables.

· Highly complex cross domain systems such as Smart Cities

From the Internet of Things, this edition evolves to the Analitycs of Things, providing specific advanced functionalities in the management of the huge volume of information generated:


· Integration with BI tools, reporting and visualization

· Full life cycle management of analytical proceses.

· Massive ingestion of data.

We can see this different flavours highlighted on the full Sofia2 modules diagram:

Sofia2 Base Edition

· Centralized Administration Console of all Sofia2 capabilities and applications.

· Easy ontologies creation : Excel import, wizard, graphic editor…

· APIs supporting different programming languages (Java, .NET, javascript, python, node.js, android, IOS, arduino…)

· Rules engine and Complex Event Processing

· Bidirectional communication supported: REST, MQTT, JMS, WebSockets,…

·  NoSQL  (MongoDB) and SQL databases supported as real time information repository.

· Easy configuration of dashboards and reports.

Sofia2 IoT Edition:

· All Base Edition capabilities plus including devices and Social Media integration.

· Big Data infrastructure supported on Hadoop as Historical and Analytic Database.

· API Manager module supporting the configuration of REST APIs in order to publish the information stored in the platform.

· Interactive Analytics with Notebooks Web.

· Automatic and configurable migration from the realtime to the historical repository.

Sofia2 Advanced Analytics Edition:

· Definition of integrations from any source of information in a visual and assisted way.

· Machine Learning Module integrated, allows to load datasets, launch execution of algorithms, create and publish models…

· Access to the data layer of the platform in a secured way, and supported on standard protocols ODBC and JDBC, even in the case the underlying repositories are No-SQL, so the platform can be integrated in the traditional IT Systems topology of any organization without any technological gap.

Due to the modular and uncoupled capability of Sofia2 Platform, we can customize the deployment of the platform (on cloud or on premise) from one edition to another, according to the actual needs of our organization or project, so it is easy to start small and grow up whenever we actually need it.

Sofia2 IoT Platform Editions


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