Extended User Concept

The Extended User concept in Sofia2 arises from the necessity of having additional information of registered users on the platform. Because of the required additional information can been changed during the development of an activity, this concept has been developed for being easily configurable and expandable.

If you want to add fields within the user registration form of the platform, you only have to register the fields in the Configuration Database (CDB), specifically in the table “tipodeatoformularo”, which has the following columns:

  • ID: Identification of the row
  • Tipo (Type): Data type to be added. It only can be String,Date,Double or Float
  • Clave (Key): Name of the field that you want to add. It can neither spaces nor accents.

Here there is an example about this:


Once data has been inserted, these fields will be available in the creation/edition form in the platform, initially empty.


In case of you want to improve the Key name with additional information, you can include a new line in the property files of the platform with the root “usuarios_formulario_” followed by the Key name.

An example of this can be seen here:

usuarios_formulario_Key=Department key

As soon as you fill the addional fields, you are able to have all this data from different sites:

  • On the user display screen:


  • Authentication Rest service:


  • GET method of the “user service” REST service. Only the name of the user is necessary to check all the information saved about that user (in case of the loged user does not have permission to check this information, the REST service will return an authentication error).


In this video can be seen all the followed procedure:

Extended User Concept


Introduce tus datos o haz clic en un icono para iniciar sesión:

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