Case Study on Smart Water


The IWESLA experiment, taking case within the European innovation Project CPSELabs (, is being developed by Indra, A-Cing and Novelti, with the cooperation of UPM and the town of Rivas as final users. The experiment has been included as a study case in the Libelium World (


Sofia2 technology is used as the integration platform between the intelligent water sensors developed by A-Cing and the disaggregation water use algorithm developed by Novelti. The experiment proves how the combined used of Big Data and IoT technologies can optimize water use by detecting anomalies and acting in real time.

A digital flowmeter is connected to the pipeline feeding the plumbing branch to be controlled. Samples from the water flow (liters per minute) are collected every second. This intelligent measurer’s resolution allows to identify even the smallest flow that may be causing slight dripping in the monitored area.


The information is sent to Sofia2 through a waspmote connected to the flowmeter. Sofia2, acting as a IoT middleware, gathers the measured variables and timestamp where the readings were taken in an ontology. Sofia2 is able to hold rules to detect alerts or to automate the flow operation. To do so, an electro-valve connected to the plumbing and to the waspmote is available and keeps listening the messages coming from Sofia2. Thus, the system not only measures everything happening in the waterflow, but it can also act on the facility, all of which happening in a real-time automated way.


Lastly, Sofia2 sends the information on the readings to Novelti’s disaggregation water use SaaS, which implements an algorithm that can identify the different end devices that are connected to the plumbing branch and are responsible for the water use (such as taps, WC, sprinklers, etc.) This algorithm can also detected “unidentified use” that may be causing leaks.


Depending on the field of use and as the operational area grows, we may see the need to replicate the device installation in different locations throughout the hydraulic network. This is not a problem for Sofia2 due to its scalability. Thus, the application of this study case ranges from Smart Buildings to Smart Cities.

Case Study on Smart Water


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