New Sofia2 IoT Platform Release 3.4.7, Now Available

Sofia2 IoT Platform version  3.4.7 is now available.


Our Sofia2 CloudLab environment for trials is updated with this last release, so you can try out the following new functionalities:


  • New KPIS Engine: This engine allows the creation of Bussiness Key Performance Indicators, based on information stored in the platform, together with a set of operators for aggreations and different timing sets.



  • New SQL engine for MongoDB (our real time data base): Now we have included  Quasar (more info here) to allow the execution of SQL queries on MongoDB. Compared to our previous engine, now we can perform more complex queries, like for example GROUP, SUM or JOINS. Furthermore, now you will be able to get the result in JSON or table format.


You can select this new engine in the menu as SQL. We will  keep the previous one  SLQ-LIKE as deprecated for a while.


  • SSAP Protocol improvements: We have included new improvements to deal easilly with JSON format.


  • Gadgets Creation Wizard: Now you can create gadgets in an easier and visual way, Updating the data in near-real-time or querying for updates in schedulled slots. You will be able also to change dinamically the graph type:


Additionally we have included a wizard for the creation of dahsboards, allowing the creation of gadgets, at the spot, from the dashboard itself.

  • Synoptic Diagrams Improvements: We have included more elements in the palette,


as well as other improvements, like for example the possibility of including any gadget inside the synoptic.

  • New notifications module: From now on, any platform user will see this new option in the top-right area of the main screen (as a bell icon) . New messages generated by the administrator will be shown here:




For example the notification of a new release available:

  • Suggestions: Users will also be able to send suggestions (improvements, issues or bugs). These suggestions will be managed by the administrator, and the user will track the status of each one of them (planned, delivered, rejected…)



  • Improvements and fixes : We have solved several bugs and included other minor improvements identified on previous release 3.4.



Coming soon, we will publish more information of these new capabilities of the platform.



New Sofia2 IoT Platform Release 3.4.7, Now Available


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