Creating Dashboards with Node-RED


As we mentioned in previous posts, Node-RED is a tool with which you can create flows visually. In this post we will see a new use of Node-RED as a tool to create Dashboards.

To do this we will use the Freeboard node, it is available on GitHub, this node allows us to design our own dashboards.

For this demo, we used a Meshlium sensor concentrator, which inserts real-time data into two ontologies defined by a single ThinKP. To access this data, in our Node-RED flow we will use the following nodes:

  •  A SSAP-process-request node: listening to insert events on the ontologies defined.
  • A function node, whose function will be to parse the data recovered from the ontology. It must be taken into account that the freeboard node only represents the data provided by the message payload in JSON format.
  • A Freeboard node, this will allows us to design our dashboard.

Our flow would look like this:


We will create two different Dashboards, in one of them we will represent the monitoring data of the device as the battery, internal temperature … In the other one we will represent the measurements provided by the sensors: solar radiation, humidity …

The two dashboards are shown below:



Once we have created the Dashboard, we save it to be able to access it from other devices or at another time. There are two ways to open a dashboard that you have saved:

  • By copying the URL generated at the time of saving the dashboard, through this URL we can access it from another device or browser.
  • By selecting the option “LOAD FREEBOARD” in the upper left corner, where we will have to load the generated .json file when we save the dashboard.

In the following video you can see a video of the demo:

Creating Dashboards with Node-RED


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