IoT & BigData Sofia2 Lab Meetup Group Creation



IoT & BigData Sofia2 Lab is the new group that has been created on platform to announce the capabilities of Minsait IoT and Big Data platform, Sofia2.


Meetups are virtual groups of people interested in common themes that meet to discuss and expose about these themes (in our case technological and innovation).



The group has been created with the intention of holding meetings and events at least once a month

El grupo se ha creado con la intención de realizar reuniones y eventos al menos una vez al mes. It is intended these meetings are not only informative, but also involve attendees in the realization of workshops and practical examples around Sofia2 and IoT and Big Data technologies.


With a little more than a month of existence, IoT & BigData Sofia2 Lab, already has almost 300 members (you can access and register to it here), and two Meetups made.





In the first one, on March 8th, the platform was presented, IoT opportunities were identified, Sofia2’s proposal in the IoT world and a workshop was developed with Beacon devices and a mobile app Sofia2




The second Meetup, called “IoT Workshop. Visual development in Sofia2 with Raspberry, Node-RED and dashboards “, brought together more than 50 people, and it was deepened in a typical flow IoT: A small practical workshop was held, where with a Raspberrys Pi was used Node-RED to capture information from sensors and send it to the platform, where also through the support with Node-RED, a visual flow was defined for its treatment.


Next May 4 will be held the third Meetup, “Sofia2 Analytics Workshop: Do you know how many hours you spend in the office?” In which the components will be presented and the analytical capabilities of the platform will be tested according to the following schedule:


1. Presentation of the components and analytical capabilities of the platform, brief description of Apache Zeppelin Notebook and its integration with Python, Spark …

2. Data visualization with matplotlib and seaborn. What graphics are supported and when to use them.

3. Demo Analytics “Employee of the Month”. Those wishing to use Python platform and libraries and seaborn libraries, can see the number of hours a day they were in the office last month.


If you want to attend this Meetup, click here for free.


IoT & BigData Sofia2 Lab Meetup Group Creation


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