Minsait impulses IoT Smart Cities solutions with Sofia2


Minsait, Indra’s digital transformation unit, its promoting the construction of solutions with high innovative content in the scope of Smart Cities, through their participation in the European program of I+D Smart Cyber ​​Physical Systems Engineering (CPSE) Labs, which purpose is the creation of a collaborative network of expert centers in engineer for developing cyberphysicists systems in the areas like smart cities, automotive or urban sustainability.


FEEP IoT&BigData Platform Sofia2 has impulsed the development of solutions with high value added in clients of scopes like Smart Cities (La Coruña urban platform) or Smart Health (TELEA project, for teleassitance, and SISENS for monitorize the pacients, both of them in the Sanity Galician Service), in addition, is the technological base for projects of diferents indole:

  • Develop for an intelligent water management system, capable of reaching a save to a 40% in consume, integrating heterogene information from diferent devices and systems, in addition be able to process thousands of events per second, with Big Data capabilities and integrated rules. Project iWESLA.


  • Two new projects that has been recently started to try out the use of drones as information source for the new european emergency calls system and impulse the sustainable development in cities.


  • Development of e-Vacuate, an european project for the innovation wich purpose is developing a simulating and management emergency system and IoT and Big Data technologies to define in real time optimal evacuating routes for big infrastructures.


  • In fields like domotic, industry and retail, through solutions like Connected Home, Smart Cities, Industry 4.0, as well as severals solutions destined to the energetic eficiency world and sustainable in infrastructures.


  • Building solutions in I+D projects in transport sector, like ITRail or Transforming Transport, or space, like Land Analytic Eo Platform


If you want to know more about the developed and in progress projects in Sofia 2 platform click here to see the press release

Minsait impulses IoT Smart Cities solutions with Sofia2


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