SENA wins the ‘Energy Efficiency Award’



Last Friday, April 21, ANDESCO (National Association of Public Services, Communications and TV Companies of Colombia) awarded the energy efficiency award to SENA.


SENA (National Learning Service), is a public institution of national order, attached to the Ministry of Labor of Colombia that offers free training to millions of Colombians who benefit from technical and technological programs.


The project was born as an energy saving need that attended a national emergency due to energy shortages at the end of 2015. A monitoring was established in thermal floors at 28 different headquarters. In 2016, savings of US $ 931 million were achieved, but the change in the savings culture of the workers and in the more than one million apprentices in SENA was also very important.


The energy saving project consists of an Energy Management System under the ISO 50001 standard of 2011, supported in the measurement and real-time monitoring of the consumption of electricity, natural gas and water, from an online platform to take measures Short, medium and long term. These contribute to the optimization and proper use of energy resources, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts, as well as energy costs.




FEEP IoT & BigData Platform Sofia2 is the technological base of the SGE (Energy Management System) of this energy saving project, as well as the development of solutions with high added value in clients in areas such as the Smart Cities (urban platform of La Coruña) Or Smart Health (TELEA Project for Teleassistance and SISENS for the monitoring of patients, both in the Galician Health Service)


SENA wins the ‘Energy Efficiency Award’


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