Drill-down support in dashboards


In this Release 4.0 the Dashboards have been improved giving Drill-Down support.


When we are in edit mode now we have this new icon that allows us to drill down on the gadgets included in the dashboard.



The steps to work with the selectors would be, we first add the gadgets that get their data through queries.

Then click on the icon above to bring up the modal window of the selector.

In this window click on Add Filter to add as many filters as we want. For this release there are three types of single, multiple and date range filters.

We will choose the type, the gadgets that will be filtered, and the parameter that we will take into account for each one of the gadgets, being able to choose one as master that will be the one from which the data will be obtained that the filter will contain.






These would be the three types of filter and as they would be in a dashboard:



Drill-down support in dashboards


Introduce tus datos o haz clic en un icono para iniciar sesión:

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