New Notebook Module Version




In the new Sofia2 4.0 release, notebook engine has been migrated to the new Apache Zeppelin version, refactorizing the user interface and including new features and capabilities.


Some of the new notebooks features are:


  • Exporting notebooks is now available as JSON file: there are two ways to do this, from user’s notebook list and from edit notebook interface.




  • Importation of notebook from JSON files, from the user’s notebook list.




  • Exportation of generated data from different kinds of visualization in TSV/CSV format.




  • Version control over different repositories like Git, Azure, S3 or ZeppelinHub.




  • New visualization capabilities granted by Helium Framework throught many frontend plugins that allow create from new chart types to interpreters.




  • Upgraded to Apache Zeppelin 0.7.1 and Spark 2.1


  • Centralizated Visualization in notebook execution information (Jobs)




  • Notebooks Security improvements
New Notebook Module Version


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