Sofia2 as a technological base in the European R&D project eVacuate



As we mentioned in the previous post, Sofia2 IoT Platform has promoted the development of high added value solutions in customers in areas such as Smart Cities, Smart Health, Industry, Retail, Energy …




One of the projects which Sofia2 serves as a technological base is eVacuate, a European innovation project whose aim is the development of a simulation and emergency management system based on IoT and Big Data technologies to define in real time the optimal routes of evacuation in large infrastructures.



During the last months four pilots have been carried out in which the feasibility of the project has been demonstrated and the possibility of scaling in a great number of scenarios.


The first evacuation exercise was held last October at Anoeta football stadium. 27 researchers from different European companies and universities were working in San Sebastián defining in real time the optimal evacuation routes for a football match in Anoeta. To do this, a good number of fans were gathered and they were asked to be placed in the main tribune. From that moment, they followed workers instructions and they lived in situ up to four types of different evacuation situations. The announcements of public address, signage, opening of doors and emergency situations varied with the aim of creating four completely different cases.


Here you have the video with the images and all the detailed information of the pilot in Anoeta.


Athens airport, a cruise ship of the company STX on French coast and finally, last May, Bilbao’s Subway, were the other scenarios in which eVacuate demonstrated its effectiveness. In all cases it was possible to reduce the evacuation time by more than 25% compared to the current evacuation systems.


Sofia2 as a technological base in the European R&D project eVacuate


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