Scripting Engine Enhancements

programming-1873854_1280In this version new enhancements have been included to help in the creation of scripts, either in Groovy, Python or R, showing an instance of the selected ontologies and auto completing in the editor. Also in the process log can be errors in the execution of the script.

The first improvement appears when we create an ontology-type script, since for the ontologies we select we have a drop-down with an instance of this, with this we will make clear the structure of the information to later be able to implement the script, in the image we see the Ontologies available to the left, the two selected to the right and under an instance of these.


The second improvement would be the autocomplete in the editor for the three languages, which appears to us by pressing (Ctrl + Space). First gives us the reserved words of the language, an example of each language would be these:






It also allows us if we are using one of the defined operations, autocomplete the defined operations and their methods eg we have groovy operation APIScripts with these methods


If we position ourselves behind apis and press (Ctrl + Space) we complete the operation, in this case would write apiscripts.


If we had two operations we would be able to choose whatever we want to use



In the editor if we position after the point of the operation shows us their methods and we will choose the one that suits us best.


Finally, a message has been added to the process logs for the case where the script is suspended due to a certain number of times in its scheduled execution of an error, in order to access this log from the console menu, press In Tools -> Visualization states processes there will appear a list with the logs of the processes


Scripting Engine Enhancements


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