SOFIA2 Desktops


The desktop of the platform constitutes the access point of any user of the platform to any of the applications provided in the project and to which the user has access.

At the platform level, different desktops can be created so that a user can access several desktops, each with different purposes and applications.

Desks are Web applications that act as containers for other applications. A platform administrator controls and configures which applications are accessible from each desk, associating them to the desktop from the platform’s own control panel.

At the same time each application administrator, giving it as a project on the platform itself, will control which users have access to the application.

So that each desk, performs the control of access to users of the platform through a login screen, and depending on the permissions that that user has on each of the applications registered, will have access or not to the registered applications as desktop applications.

Next, we will explain how to create and use them.

After logging in to Sofia2, this option will appear on the menu.

Screenshot - 21_11_2017 , 18_06_45

If we access two tables appear, one with the desks we have created and can modify and another with which we only have access, there is already one created.

We have the options for each desktop to see its URL, to be able to access, modify the files that make up the web project of the desktop uploaded to the server, modify the data of this, description, applications … and delete it.



Clicking on the icon of the desktop folder we will have access to the files that compose it, being able to adapt it to our needs completely, changing its styles, functionality, html, etc.


If we click on Create Desktop this form appears, where we will fill in name, description, users who have access, desktop applications, which can be viewed as widgets or full screen and also divided into three groups: dashboards, web projects and external applications. We can select an image to be loaded later on its icon or leave the image by default. You can add here initial css and javascript functions.


The following image shows the part of the desktop where we will define the data of each application that we will show, and will be added to the list of applications.

Screenshot - 27_11_2017 , 14_59_02

After defining this we will save the desktop and we will be ready to work with him, in just two steps, for which we will only have to access the url link to login screen of desks

screencapture-serv-ent-previo-cloudapp-net-console-desktoplogin-1511791190160 (1)

and select it


Finally it will open and we can work with him.


We will have an initial screen with a menu of widgets, which will hatch like windows, and the icons that will open a new tab and we will be able to work with the application in full screen


SOFIA2 Desktops


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