Meetup on Sofia2 LPWA Integrations: SigFox, LoRaWAN & The Things Network

On February 28th, we scheduled one of our technical Meetups, this time on LPWA technologies and how easy is to integrate them on Sofia2 IoT Platform. Please join our Meetup group where we will keep you updated with our future meetup events. You may also find here the slides used during the presentation.

A big thank you also to THECUBE Madrid team for giving us free access and use of their building. They also contributed by composing this really nice video on the event, enjoy it!:

These time our speakers where Jorge Trallero and Mario Briceño from our Sofia2 Team. They highlighted how easy is to integrate data collected from IoT devices with LPWA technologies into Sofia2. 3 integrations scenarios were performed:

  • SigFox Integration
  • Private LoRa Network Integration
  • The Things Network Integration

We also had the luxury of having with us member of the core team of The Things Network Madrid Community, to present us their initiatives and to collaborate in the latter integration scenario.

SigFox Integration

For this case, we started by introducing SigFox technology, mision and future vision as one of the main actual go-to solutions when talking about IoT connectivity. The data flow we used in our integration scenario is represented below:


SigFox messages from devices are relayed to SigFox base stations and then forwarded to the global repository with web access here. From SigFox’s backend, it is pretty straightforward to connect to a Sofia2 endpoint set up using the API Manager module. Then data will be forwarded to the previously created ontology. Try it yourself! We have a dedicated post on this (english version coming soon).

Once the data arrives to Sofia2, it can be used with any of the inherent IoT capabilities featured by the platform. For the Meetup we chose to present the information using a Dashboard and 2 basic Gadgets available on our public instance:


This time we just depicted the SigFox geo-location info on a map, showing our devices both in Madrid and Menorca. There were also an historical graph showing the RSSI of the received signal in the base station.

Private LoRa Network Integration

Now we shift our focus to LoRa technology and LoRaWAN. After a short intro on both of these technologies, we presented our demo scenario.


For this scenario we installed a LoRa gateway in the meeting room, granting with LoRa coverage to all devices nearby. The gateway had an Ethernet backhaul to the Internet that allowed us to connect and relay its messages to Sofia2. This is a graphic representation for this case:


We invite you to try it yourself! In this post we present an step-by-step guide on how to connect a Multitech Conduit LoRa gateway to Sofia2. The example makes use of Node-RED technology running on the Conduit and the Sofia2 API Manager module.

The Things Network Integration

For this case we again used LoRaWAN, but this time we went from a local scenario in the previous example to a more distributed one, integrating data coming from the The Things Network Console (here) into Sofia2.

Thanks to The Things Network initiative, citizens curious about IoT and technology are empowering their cities worlwide by installing LoRaWAN gateways connected to the global The Things Network backend. So this example bridges together a globally distributed, open, crowdsourced LoRaWAN network with a full-working, free to use platform like Sofia2.


The Things Network – Madrid Community took the mic to address the audience regarding their local activities and use cases. It was really nice to have you with us guys!

In the demo scenario, we connected an door sensor with LoRaWAN technology, made by the Community initiator, Juan Félix Mateos, to a gateway (also manufactured by Juan Félix) connected to The Things Network backend. In the backend side, an HTTP integration was defined to PUSH data to a Sofia2 endpoint using the API Manager. Then data is stored in the pre-defined ontology.



For this example we choose to make good use of the always-handy Sofia2 Scripts Rules engine in Groovy to report an alert by e-mail and sms whenever the sensor detected an open-door event. We actually asked for a phone number in the audience and the lucky person was awarded with an SMS by Sofia2 when his smart door was opened! 🙂


And that wrapped it up! I hope you enjoyed it, and remember to sign up to our Meetup group so we can see you around in the upcoming events.

Meetup on Sofia2 LPWA Integrations: SigFox, LoRaWAN & The Things Network


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