Sofia2 participates in the SESIAD Virtual Laboratory



The Virtual Laboratory of the Secretary of State for the Information Society and Digital Agenda (SESIAD) was born under the standard UNE 178104 “Integrated management systems of the smart city” with the aim of becoming a benchmark for national and international platforms, being a place of experimentation in which companies and developers can evaluate the compatibility of their products with different Smart Cities platforms.




Currently, platforms that participate in the Virtual Laboratory are Sofia2, from Minsait by Indra, SmartBrain from Cellnex and Thinking City from Telefónica. They collaborate with SESIAD contributing their expertise and participating in the improvement of interoperability between platforms.




As we saw in IoT Data Models: Initiatives and Sofia2 Data Model, there are different Initiatives of standardization of a Data Model in IoT. A Data Model represents the structure of your data and relationships, and therefore, organizes the elements and standardizes how they relate to each other.




GSMA and FIWARE Data Models are defined in JSON, so their representation as Sofia2’s Ontology is immediate. We saw how they are supported and how easy it is to work with these entities in Sofia2


To achieve better interoperability between platforms, NGSI 9/10 v2 was selected as a common protocol for the Interoperability Layer. We saw in this document how they are supported and how to consume APIS modeled according to the semantic FIWARE Data Model and published in Sofia2 following the NGSI 9/10 v2 protocol.


In our experience with the Virtual Laboratory, in addition to making recommendations for new attributes and modifications in the Data Model, we had the opportunity to perform a Proof of Concept (PoC) by creating a connection  and transformation flow of real data from Smart City A Coruña to GSMA/FIWARE Data Model on Sofia2’s Platform.


In this example, Smart Coruña parking data is collected and is ingested in an Ontology on the Sofia2’s platform. Each time an instance of this ontology is received, a Script is launched and transforms this data adapting them to the Data Model and, consulting them, we see how, effectively, the Data Models are fulfilled.




Also in this Proof of Concept we could publish this data through the API MANAGER of Sofia2 to later see that anyone with the proper permits can access this data via API, Curl or through the Virtual Laboratory portal.





All this process is explained in the post Acquisition, transformation and consumption of data with GSMA/FIWARE Data Model, and has been captured in the demonstrator, which, in addition to parking data, collects data from beaches and museums.




You can find all the information related to the SESIAD Virtual Laboratory here, as well as all the necessary tools (Data Model, APIs, Security tokens, examples …) to develop on the platforms complying with this interoperability model here





Sofia2 participates in the SESIAD Virtual Laboratory